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Ways to create Project

The following 5 steps are need to start a successful Project. Let me explain more about the following -

  1. 1. Procedures
  2. 2. Deposit Rate (Limited Time Offer)
  3. 3. To Inquire

1. Procedures

1. Click “Start Campaign”

2. How to Login

  1. (1) Login (If you have already registered)
  2. (2) Signup for new account

(1) Login (If you have already registered)

① Enter the email address, and password and click the green “LOGIN NOW” if you have already registered with an email address in suseeyar.

② Click the blue “LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK ACCOUNT” if you have already registered with your Facebook Account.

(2) Signup

① Click the “REGISTER NOW” button after checking and entering

  1. - Full Name
  2. - Mail address
  3. - Password
  4. - Confirm Password and when you register with the Mail Address.

② You can register through Facebook Account by clicking the blue “LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK ACCOUNT”.

3. Campaign Proposal

① Language
Click the language that you want to add in your Project. (You can choose Japan, English, and Myanmar depending on your proficiency

② Project Title
Enter the main point that you want to make clear and easy to understand.We want you to donate to a peaceful education program for young people.

③ Brief Explanation
Enter the brief explanation of the Project

  1. ・ The explanation of the project creator (Official SNS account link)
  2. ・ The purpose of creating a project
  3. ・ Detailed budget statement, and where to use
    (Please provide details to inform the donor of funding needs.)
  4. ・ Visual information (Photo and video)

④ Easy Explanation
Provide the brief about the project creator and the purpose of the project. Example: the IFP (Initiative for Peace) is a peace education program founded in 2001 by UWC (United World College) aimed at education young people about peace.

⑤ Category
Choose the most suitable one from these categories to reach those who interested in this category.

⑥ Photo
Make sure you include visual information (In words, the information is not serious and you need to add some photos and videos.)

⑦ Target Fund
According to Survey, one month is the best time to raise funds. On average, it usually takes 1 to 2 months, but those who are worried can contact without hesitation.

⑧ Situation
Before you apply, you can save it as a draft and edit it several times. And you can apply as you wish.

⑨ Terms of use
After checking the terms of use contained in the list of useful links, click “agree” in the following box.

⑩ Registration
Firstly, register as the draft.

4. Linking a photo and video with Reward to the top of the top page

Fill in the fields for the photo / video with Reward.

Set an attractive Reward that most people will agree to, depending on the funding of the project.

Photo and Video
Insert the Photo and Video to place to the top of the campaign and detail page.

5. Applying Proposal

Fill in the three fields below Campaign Details, Rewards, Photos and Videos, then go to Campaign Details (Status) and check the box next to the application.

After submitting the application, you will be able to enter it conveniently after verifying here.
(To be the best project, please feel free to contact us before the test)

2. Deposit Rate

You only have to pay the service fee at our company.
① All or nothing (If the specified amount is not reached, no service charge is required)
② All in
See below for an explanation of the two types of models.(※)

All or nothing

Although there are two types of crowdfunding, no service charge is required when the target amount is not reached in All or nothing. We will only accept the service fee when the target amount is reached in All in form.

All in

The service fee depends on the language displayed on the site as shown below. From the funds raised in the project, you must pay the following proportion of project savings.
One language Plan: 15% (Settlement service 5% + inclusion service 10%)
Two language Plan: 18% (Settlement service 5% + inclusion service 13%)
Three Language Plan: 20% (Settlement service 5% + inclusion service 15%)
(Choose language from Japanese, English, and Burmese.)

In the future, despite the above rates
irrespective of the number of languages (1, 2, 3 languages alike)
The lowest rate in Japan is 10% (settlement service 5% + inclusion service 5%).
(Deadline: Until the end of the March, 2021)

(※)There are two types of crowdfunding: an explanation of the types of funding

• What is All or nothing?
The donated funds will be returned to the donor when the target amount is less than even 1 yen. The only project that exceeds the target amount will be successful and the amount deducted from the service fee will be paid to the Performer.

• What is All in?
This is a way of paying the performer the amount saved on time, regardless of whether the target amount is met or not.

3. To Inquire

Please feel free to contact us through the SNS account at the link below for any questions.

Inquire Link: Inquiry | Su See Yar

Official Twitter Account (Japan): Twitter | Su See Yar

Official Facebook Account (Myanmar): FACEBOOK|Su See Yar